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Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Reviews - Bold and Aggressive S-Cross - All New Powertrain

Nov 01, 2017  (Submitted by Team )
Car Model - Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
<< 3. Chic Classy Interiors 4. All New Powertrain 5. Ahead in safety >>

In its newest form, the all-New S-Cross scores high not just on looks but also in technology and powertrain. The all-new S-Cross gets the DDiS 200 with Smart Hybrid technology. This is the third model in the Maruti Suzuki portfolio to host the DDiS 200 with Smart Hybrid technology. It comes packed with a host of features like idle-stop-start, torque assist, brake energy regeneration system and a gearshift indicator. Many of these features enhance energy efficiency in the S-Cross.

Salient Smart Hybrid Features:

  • • Idle Start Stop: The idle engine start/stop function turns off the engine automatically when the car is idling and restarts it as soon as the clutch is pressed.
  • • Power Assist: The stored energy in advanced high capacity battery assists engine power during acceleration.
  • • Brake Energy Regeneration: The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration of the car




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