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Hyundai Elite i20 2014 Reviews - New stylish Hyundai Elite i20 - Colors

Aug 11, 2014  (Submitted by Team )
Car Model - Hyundai Elite i20 2014
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Hyundai Elite i20 Colors

The all-new Elite i20 will be available in a range of 7 new colors (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Midas GoldHyundai Elite i20 Midas Gold

Mystic Blue Hyundai Elite i20 Mystic Blue

Polar White Hyundai Elite i20 Polar White

Pristin Blue Hyundai Elite i20 Pristin Blue

Red Passion Hyundai Elite i20 Red Passion

Sleek Silver Hyundai Elite i20 Sleek Silver

Star Dust Hyundai Elite i20 Star Dust



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1. Launch
2. Driving Performance
3. Powertrain
4. Engine
5. Styling
6. Exteriors
7. Interiors
8. Features
9. Safety
10. Colors
11. Price
Vimal (on Aug 23, 2014)
Have they missed the rain sensing front wipers and rear disc brakes in this car (even not available in the top model)?
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