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Hyundai Elite i20 2014 Reviews - New stylish Hyundai Elite i20 - Safety

Aug 11, 2014  (Submitted by Team )
Car Model - Hyundai Elite i20 2014
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Uncompromised Safety

The all-new Elite i20 features an abundance of advanced safety features designed to protect its passengers. It offers advanced cutting-edge preventive safety systems offering driving confidence on any road conditions.

Dual Airbags
The front dual airbags act as a supplementary restrain system preventing injuries incase of front impact.

Hyundai Elite i20 Dual Air bags


ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
The Anti- lock braking system prevents skidding and retains the car steering on slippery surfaces. It also enables stable braking and restricts wheel lock-up during panic braking.

Hyundai Elite i20 Safety Anti lock breaking system


Rear Defogger
The feature removes the mist on rear windshield during foggy conditions to ensure proper visibility of traffic from near.


Rear parking assist system
  • On the activation of reverse gear, the sensors with their built in buzzer system alerts the driver about the proxmity of rear obstacles.
  • Advanced Rear Parking Camera with Steering Adaptive parking Guide Lines
Smart pedal
During simultaneous operation of the brakes & acceleration pedal, the smart pedal overrides the accelerator pedal & applies brake only.
Anti pinch power windows
The driver side window automatically rolls down when an obstacle is detected, thereby offering advanced safety.
Impact Sensing Door Unlock
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Vimal (on Aug 23, 2014)
Have they missed the rain sensing front wipers and rear disc brakes in this car (even not available in the top model)?
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