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Honda Mobilio Reviews - Honda Mobilio MPV - Performance

Jul 26, 2014  (Submitted by Himanshuka )
Car Model - Honda Mobilio
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Honda Mobilio Performance 
The Mobilio is enjoyable to drive. Engine is same as the City’s 117bhp, 1.5 liter petrol engine and has a strong pulling power. This engine has wider spread gear ratios; it is liable to rev the engine harder than usual. The flexibility of engine is really remarkable. A sheer tap after 2,000 rpm gets the car on the leaping forward, and its accelerator gathers pace so quickly. In fact, performance from the petrol is so strong all the way up to 7000 rpm; this sporty MPV is distinct with the other cars in this segment. 
The 1.5 diesel engine is also same as the Amaze and City, but in the Mobilio Honda could have managed to insulate its sound and reduces noise up to some extent. It’s more silent than before, both at idle and at high revs, though which is remarkable for diesel car. Though this all aluminium diesel still doesn’t set a standard for fine-tuning, but noise levels are not as prominent as in other diesel Hondas, and are quite acceptable. It’s pulling power and responsiveness makes it perfectly suited MPV. The engine pulls plainly from under 2,000 rpm, in compression to other diesel MPVs, this gives the Mobilio a punchy performance. It’s best to amble in this engine’s broad torque spread, which makes driving in the city and on the highway equally effortless.  
The Mobilio rides pretty well with 189mm of ground clearance and a long wheelbase. The Mobilio absorbs the bumps well, especially in high speed with a mere stiffness. In fact, the rock-stable rear suspension makes the front end feel a touch light, and this is exacerbated by the steering, which has a slightly numb feel around the straight ahead position. It’s remarkably stable on virtually any surface, and the rear end feels nice and tied down.
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patel narendra (on Dec 14, 2016)
Nice car in honda mobilio
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