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Ford launched Fiesta in Indian market

Submitted by Team on Nov 01, 2005

Ford launched Fiesta in Indian market

US Auto giant Ford Motor launched the hot sedan Ford Fiesta in the Indian market. Knowing the importance of the Indian market, this new mid-size premium car is launched to corner a larger share of the fast growing mid-size segment. Ford said the new launch would push up sales of the company in India. With an aggressive entrty-level price tag of Rs. 5.59 lakh, Fiest has started a fresh space of price war in the sedan market.

Company chairman and CEO Bill FOrd said the company accelerated efforts to meet global challenges by investing in growing markets.

Fiesta had been specifically designed to meet Indian conditions. Fiesta promises superior air-conditioning, an important feature for the Indian market.

Four variants of Fiesta will be available in India:
  - 1.4 Litre Exi (Petrol)
  - 1.6 Litre ZXi (Petrol)
  - 1.6 Litre SXi (Petrol)
  - 1.4 Litre CRDi (Diesel)

Go to website of Fiesta 

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